Current Mentors

Adara Donald

Hello All! I am Adara Donald and I am a freshman here at Indiana University Bloomington and I am majoring in Journalism with a Concentration in Public Relations. I am from Brownsville,Tennessee and decided to come to Indiana University because of the great programs and beautiful scenery. After college, I plan to work as a Public Relations Manager in a Non-Profit Organization, preferably a Career and Technical Student Organization. In my free time, I enjoy to play soccer and return home to Tennessee to volunteer at Tennessee Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Conferences. I am very excited to be a Balfour Mentor this year and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Jaylon Reynolds

I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but currently live in Zionsville, Indiana. I attended North Central High from freshman to senior year. Currently, I am a freshman at The Kelly School of Business majoring in Operations Management and International Business. Upon graduation, I plan to move to Escondido, California, to start my career. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, weight lifting, going to social gatherings, and volunteering my time. I was a Groups (G17) Student and a 21st Century Scholar. I am looking forward to helping you navigate the college process and giving you a helping hand when needed.

Elizabeth Lewis

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Lewis, but please call me Liz. As a child I moved around a lot but I consider Elkhart, Indiana, my hometown. I recently moved to Martinsville, Indiana, in order to attend the Groups Scholars Program and officially begin my first year at Indiana University. This was all possible because of the Balfour Scholars Program which showed me what my abilities are and how I can further improve them to do anything I want. My major is East Asian Languages. I love the Japanese and Korean languages but that doesn't stop me from wanting to learning other languages. In the future, I plan to become a translator so that no one has to feel the disconnection between them and the culture they want to learn or join. My hobbies are mostly reading or studying in my free time, but nothing stops a good Netflix show!