Hospitality and Tourism Sector Workplace Simulation Projects

Hospitality and Tourism Sector Workplace Simulation Projects

French Lick

In this workplace simulation French Lick Resort partnered with Paoli Jr-Sr High School, Shoals Jr-Sr High School, and Springs Valley Jr-Sr High School to design and create a gingerbread village, complete with a working trolley, and interactive holiday lighting to be auctioned in a charity event. Additional collaborative partners included Direct Employers Institute and Ivy Tech Community College.

The project was oriented towards the Hospitality and Tourism sector but Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic (STEM) were also integrated into the project. The ambitious project involved 179 students and nine teachers spread across eleven classes in the three schools (student responsibilities are listed below).

Culinary ArtsDesign and bake gingerbread houses
Algebra 1Design layout of gingerbread houses and the scale of the whole display
Determine the path and speed of the trolley
Integrated Chemistry and PhysicsDesign experiments to determine best sugar recipe for windows on the gingerbread house
Create circuits to light up the gingerbread houses
Computer ScienceCreate an interactive display of lights and music
Principles of Engineering (PLTW)Design and build the trolley system
Program the trolley to move at specific speeds
Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)Create the building pieces of the gingerbread houses in 3D modeling software as designed by the culinary arts students
Create templates for gingerbread molds
BusinessWork with French Lick personnel to plan the event
Brainstorm ways to maximize the profit
Execute the event
WoodworkingCreate wooden scaffolds for the gingerbread houses based on designs from the Introduction to Engineering Design class

The project culminated with a final presentation on 6 Dec 2017 at the Clifton Ballroom, French Lick Resort. This was a display of the nine gingerbread houses around the interactive light and music display. Being the first time all participating classes came together, students, teachers, administrators, and stakeholders were excited to see how the parts played by participating classes came together. It was a celebration of the learning in the project as students presented around their posters. The gingerbread houses were auctioned and a total of $422.25 was raised for the Angel Tree Foundation.

I learned teamwork, leadership, and getting everything done. This gave me a lot of skills for the future.

Culinary Arts student, Shoals Jr-Sr High School

We had to redesign it many times and always had constraints…It was frustrating, hard, and fun at the same time.

Principles of Engineering student, Springs Valley Jr-Sr High School

We have a lot of pride and a lot of joy in seeing that the hands-on work students did can be shared with other people. That they can put out the knowledge they have out there for people to see and to be able to communicate. It has been fun because people have been coming up to ask them about the project and they are able to talk about the technicalities…It’s surprising how “real-world” this project has ended up being. We had to make modifications, needed information from other classes, and provided information back to them. This back and forth—it was not a linear project.

Paoli High School Teacher

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics has been used in ways that is completely new, fresh, and unexpected for me. Thinking of my experience 20+ years ago where Math was just doing problems on the board. It is a great way to apply STEM to life.

French Lick Resort personnel